7 Best Keyboard Apps For Android

As we know, Android is leading operating system used on all Worldwide Smartphone. And In Android Smartphone Keyboard is so much important system software which helps in doing any work on Android Phone. But sometimes system Keyboard Apps are never any fast enough, never corrects automatically accurately and often leads to disappointment to us. So, If you are looking for Best Keyboard Apps for Android. Then In this post, we have briefly listed about Top 7 Best Keyboard Apps For Android.


7 Best Keyboard Apps For Android

1. SwiftKey

7 Best Keyboard Apps For Android

Swiftkey is Top best Keyboard app for Android Smartphones which will easily available on Play Store. Swiftkey Keyboard consists of attractive best Colours, Designs, Emojis and Themes. The app supports more than 100 Languages. Let’s see more features of the app below.


  • It predicts your next word even before pressing a key. 
  • It also consists of smart learning function that learns from your words and saves them.
  • Fast key flow function that allows you to type faster. 
  • Multiple layout functions.


2. Gboard

7 Best Keyboard Apps For Android

G Board is another best Keyboard app from Google. Google Keyboard app Consist of Gesture and Voice support which allows you to type quickly and easily. G Board offers you a Drawing function to find and type an emoji. The app also gives you GIF search option which is the biggest Advantage of this App.


  • Do automatic correction.
  • Gives you smart suggestions.
  • Supports One-handed use.
  • Consist of special provision keys when you enter a password


3. AI Type Keyboard Plus

AI Type Keyboard plus is also another best keyboard app due to its user-friendly interface. This keyboard app is the smartest and most personalized keyboard for smartphones and tablets. According to Play store, About 30 Million users are using AI Plus keyboard app. The app has great customization in which it consists of thousands of themes for free. It gives best-Messaging experience to the user.


  • Allows you to resize the keyboard size.
  • Easily adapt to large screens such as phablets or tablets
  • It offers a lot of Customizations and Themes.


4. Flesky + GIF Keyboard

If you are looking for something different, Fleksy Keyboard could be the right option for you. Unlike the others Keyboard Apps, Fleksy does not bother with gestural input and First It will ask you to press all letters. The Flesky keyboard app gives you fun and customizable way to type. Fleksy is one of the keyboards which gives the ability to the user to find and send GIF files and customize your keyboard with powerful extensions and beautiful themes.


5. Minuum Keyboard

If you were looking for smarter and smaller keyword which allows you to do more with your screen space then Minuum is the best Keyboard App option for your Android Smartphone. This is the small keyboard App for big fingers. You can speed up your input with the suggestions of a predictive engine that learns from your list of words, word combinations, and language usage patterns.


  • Allows you to do Fast and Smoother typing.
  • App gives you more space on the screen for flexible typing.
  • Consist of Different alphabet arrangements.
  • Smart word prediction
  • Vocabulary control


6. Go Keyboard

If you have any desire to keep color on Keyboard for some bit fanciness then Go Keyboard app which is best Keyboard choice for you. Also, You will get more than 10,000 Themes on this App. GO Keyboard supports more than 60 languages. As we know Emojis and Emotions speaks 1000 times louder than words. So, App consists of so many Popular Emojis that which are mostly used on KeyBoard.


  • Allows great Customization.
  • App consist of Spell Checker


7. Swype

Swype is one of the oldest and best keyboards available on Play Store. Swype Keyboard has best Recognition ability in which It pays concentration on how you enter text as well as creates a personal language pattern which follows you from device to device.


  • Bilingual Support
  • Personal Dictionary Backup and Syn
  • Word Prediction Word / Text
  • Phrase Sync Keyboard Themes and Gestures