Make Good Feed Recipe for Pets – Black Desert Online (BDO)

In this article, you will get to know everything about the Black Desert Online Good Feed Recipe, but before getting started, I would like to share something with you that will help you to understand better, and another best thing you will enjoy reading this guide.

Are You Ready? So let’s get into it.


What is Black Desert Online?

If you are playing Black Desert Online for the first time then you probably don’t know these about this game, let me get started with an introduction BDO is an online multiplayer game that is played online-only initially it was called Black Desert Remastered in 2018 a Korean company publishing platform launches it was Microsoft windows.

However, it is based on the action genre, but the game offers housing, fishing, farming, and much more stuff. Here comes the main point as we all know that BDO is one of the most popular online player’s games since 2010,

Make Good Feed Recipe for Pets 2021

It has been launched worldwide, and people love to participate and play it for fun and bold action. If you are a newbie in this game, then you need to go through toughness for achieving the excellent feed recipe, but don’t worry; in this detailed guide, I will explain everything that will make these things possible for you.

How To Cook In Black Desert Online?

This guide is recommended for new players if you are an experienced player who has done good feed cooking before you may skip this part and read the next step.

So let’s begin with the basics before you cook fees for your pets, you need to get residence (must), for that you should invest in CP in a house it checks the image below it has an option of residence.

Once you have the residence next step is buying a cooking tool. It can be a regular one; once you start cooking, you can get advanced tools for fast cooking to get this tool, you can go to the vendor. After buying the cooking tools, now enter your house with the bought tools, and you need to place them in your residence by pressing the P button. It will open the placement screen where you select your cooking tool and place them from the menu at the bottom; you just need to choose a placement for it and drop it at the selected place.

Once you did that now, you are able to cook for that you need to stand close to your cooking tool to achieve this you need to click on the R Button.

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Know The BDO Good Feed Recipe

The good feed has been used a lot for the pet’s actually for everyone’s pets that means its highly seeking feed for pets, so as the pet’s quantities are high, its demand will get high as well. However, consider another feed that is organic feed, but it is different, but both can be made in a similar way.

For now, you can prefer the good feed recipe as organic feed takes more time and more milk quantity, and the best thing about good food is its hunger level is high also.

Ingredients you will need for each batch read the following items below:

  • 6x Meat 2x Dried Fish or 1x fresh fish
  • 3x water
  • 4x flour (Any kind)


Getting a fish is a process of catching them yourself fishes are the best for making good feed recipes, you can use fresh or dried fish both would work for good feed if you have workers our recommendation will be dried fish only. You can get them by fishing nodes, or you can buy dry fish from the fish market, fishing nodes are usually found on islands in the sea. Below is the image showed an example of fishing nodes.

Find Meat and Get it

This could be the last thing we need to gather for cooking good feed, and it’s one of the finest ingredients to get it; well, you can buy it from the meat market, or you have to gather yourself forgather it yourself this can be a long process. You may use any type of meat, but lamp meat is recommended as it is easy to get in the market and cheap as well, but getting this meat in much quantity is not possible, so most of the time, you will have to pre-order it.

So here is the best place to find the meat, there is a mountain between Baleros and Serendia, one thing you should consider while buying it. There should not be empty shops of meat you must only buy from crowded shops. For example, if another player is already buying from the shop, then there will be other spots as well; that is good too. They kill the lamb and use a butcher knife to cut the meat.

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Make Good Feed Bdo

So you have gathered all the required things to get started with cooking the good feed recipe, let’s get started with all the materials and equipment to cook some good feed. Well, it is a good way to get ahead; you just need to place all the important stuff in cooking tool boxes accordingly and press the start button.

Once it gets started, you can also press continuously that you can make it in batches; it keeps doing until you run out of the ingredients.

For each batch, it should get four feeds on an average level; it will be good if your cooking level is at artisan level 1.


So here is the final tip for you but before that, you should read this guide till the end that way you won’t miss the important points, we have explained each and everything about Black Desert Online and How to Make Good Feed for Pets 2021, and we hope for the best for you that you will be able to cook in Black Desert Online as we instructed.

Coming to the point, Do you know you can also reduce the time of cooking? Yes, it is possible by using Silver Embroidered Cooking Clothes and life stones. Try to use the better cooking tool (Advanced One); it will definitely reduce the time.

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