BDO Failstack Chart: Black Desert Online Enhancement Guide

BDO (Black Desert Online) is one of the finest game that you might ever play but if you are looking for BDO fail stack chart then you should know everything about it, as you probably don’t know that fail stack it’s a part of Black Desert Online from the beginning it has been used for enhancement with all types of players to get great success in the game. However, the enhancement success rate is more important for every sort of player, though everyone can view the enhancement guides chance in the enhancement window.

Black Desert Online Failstack Chart 2021: One of the enhancement success rates was shown on 16th Jan 2019. Moving ahead with the point that you were looking for that is BDO fail stack chart well, it can be slightly easy to say it’s one of the important parts of this game but if you are a true fan of Black Desert Online you should know everything about it.

Here in this guide, I will share all the details and fail stack charts that you should know about it, but before getting started I would like to share a few enhancements highlights such as weapons, armors. Accessories, etc.

Let’s have a look!

There are two caps, hard caps, and soft caps. Its fall into fail stack chart highlights as you will get 90% of hard caps, having a good amount of fail stack will not help you 100% still there will be 10% of chance failure. But using a safe method like “force-enhance” you can exceed more than 90% to get success.

Soft caps: if you are overusing soft capes in the fail stack then you should avoid overusing, you can also get a 70% of enhancement chance in the soft cap.


Here a few accessories that soft cap have:

  • PRI: 70% -Enhancement Chance
  • DUO: 50% Enhancement Chance
  • TRI: 40% Enhancement Chance
  • TET: 30% Enhancement Chance

Though there is a process for enhancement which is also called upgrading gears to gain more power there will be a level from the beginning +1 to +20. Which you should be aware of before buying a BDO account. You will be glad to hear that almost every gear can be enhanced in the BDO.  but only if you have the enhancement material available.

What Are Enhancement Levels?

Here below we have shared the enhancement levels that you should know about!

  • PEN (V) +20
  • TET (IV) +19
  • TRI (III) +18
  • DUO (II) +17
  • PRI (I) +16+15 to +1

Safe Method To Achieve Enhancement

There are a few simplest safe ways to get started with enhancement such as Force Enhance Magical Black Stones, and Caphras Stones but these functions can be time-consuming and expensive but with safe enhancement options, you can achieve it.

Enhancement Requirements

If you are new to the enhancement then you should consider reading this do not skip this step, completing the quest which is also called Traces of Edana will be a must thing you do for the enhancement. However, this quest can be found by the black spirit and you will also need a good amount of Enhancement items.

Enhancement Levels

Upgrading armors and weapons could be possible in Black Desert Online, but like the quest, chains cannot be upgraded. For others, all can be enhanced with different levels increasing and improving powers each level will get indicators like numbers “+1” to 15+ and it will move ahead with the following numbers. However, after the +15 range of levels will be changed and orders start with PRI, DUO, TRI, PEN, and TET, represented by I, II, III, IV, and V. once the gears reach higher levels, they will become more valuable and powerful.

What Is Enhancing Success Rate?

Getting into the success rate? Well, it’s one of the sincere queries that you are probably looking to be answered, but as we have mentioned and explained in this guide chance could be the main part of this.

There are many ways to maximize or optimize your success rate in the fail stack chart, the rule is quite boring to explain and that is normal. The higher the level of the gear you will get the lower the successful chance you will obtain. Although it can also be similar to items of tier for eg.

The green items are easier to get enhanced than blue items, if you are playing around levels 5 to 7 then armor and weapons have a 100% success rate.

What is Failstack?

Finally, here is the main point you should notice, fail stack is a simple process that goes through some challenges such as increasing your success rate chance it will also help you to get every second chance of the enhancement every time. while attempting if you fail in enhancement you will get an extra chance to attempt enhancement, you will get more chances to become successful whenever the stack gets higher.

BDO Failstack ChartsBDO Failstack Charts

BDO Failstack Charts

Force Enhance

It’s one of the best options as I have mentioned above in the introduction, every player can afford it to force enhance their equipment. It comes with a 100% guaranteed success rate of the enhancement. There are some important points to be considered, the first one is it should have more durability than normal as it will consume the maximum durability in this process, and the second one is more resources can be used than other RNG.


When we say durability we mean it but you probably don’t know that having a lot of numbers fail stack failed attempt reduces gear durability. basically, it also depends on item quality and which level of items you are having to improve. this could be new for you but you need to keep remember this, if you are having an item which has a durability of 20 or less, unfortunately, you can’t increase its level.


It’s a wonderful guide I guess as it covers all important things we all know that black desert online has a lot of potentials to play around the globe and it’s one of the best-known games for true fans of BDO.

The Failstack chart 2021 (Failstack Enhancement Guide) we have shared with you in this article, though there are many ways to achieve and increase the success rate as we have explained you should consider doing them all.