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Trustedd is an innovative Web 3 Ecosystem dedicated to transforming advanced analytics and education by creating a transparent and verified community that trusts one another. Trustedd claims that by doing so, it would be able to reduce misinformation and fraud, notably in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. By introducing this one-of-a-kind Portal into Web 3, Trustedd users will be able to generate a transparent Trustedd score, safely connect with the relevant individuals, and obtain the same services and items they demand in seconds. 

The Trustedd Founding Members Collection will be designated as the ecosystem’s cornerstone to realizing this ambition in the shortest and most decentralized manner possible. The Founding Member NFTs will be published on the Ethereum blockchain. This member will act as an exclusive membership for the new Trustedd Ecosystem. This new Trustedd Ecosystem will be available to individuals, businesses, and brands who believe in Trustedd’s ideals and goals. Even though the Genesis Collection is limited to 10,000 avatars, millions of distinct and trustworthy 3D avatars will be generated in the future.

According to Christof Wallner, CEO and Founder of Trustedd, each bearer of the Founding Member NFT, whether a person, a business, a brand, or an organization, represents a desire to support innovation and the implementation of new technologies via education and cooperation.

The Avatars of the Founding Members are created by machine learning and are individually distinct and useful in design. Every Avatar has its own independently produced design, like a fingerprint, making it easy to visually differentiate one from another, allowing people and companies to develop a distinctive and recognized brand around their work.

To secure usefulness, Trustedd 3D Avatars might be considered the “iPhone of NFTs.” Users may utilize their Avatars in Metaverses, conference calls, and, in the future, as a private Virtual Assistant to replace current Voice Assistants inside the Trustedd Ecosystem. For example, the 3D Avatar was utilized to create the first official, reliable video trailer, ‘It’s Time to Wake Up!’ This demo will only be available for a few days after the formal NFT Sale to Founding Member NFT Holders. 

The sales earnings of Founding Member NFT were utilized to construct the intended Web 3 ecosystem. A portion of the revenue is going to support Ukraine. The Trustedd Ecosystem comprises a Web 3 platform available via any browser at In the future, Trustedd Ecosystem will serve as a native operating system to replace iOS and Android. The ecosystem and its content will subsequently be controlled and ruled by its users by establishing a legal Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). An industry-leading Custody Provider will hold the profits from the NFT sale. Furthermore, Chain analysis, a leading KYT, will monitor all transactions to ensure compliance with local and worldwide standards and safe interaction with developing technological restrictions.

Joining the Founding Members gives you access to future NFT drops, early access to contribution rights, new features on the ecosystem, exclusive invites to events, and free and cheap hardware. Being a Founding Member entails being a part of an exclusive group that pioneers innovations and next-generation technology.