What are airdrops and how to get them? - the complete guide
What are airdrops and how to get them? - the complete guide

There are many alternatives to get bitcoins and cryptocurrencies for free, but one of the most popular ones is airdrops. There is no concrete translation, but we can relate it analogously to an “air delivery.” They are free cryptocurrencies or tokens that are delivered to fulfill various purposes. In this guide, we show you what airdrops are, why they are made, and how to get them.


What is an airdrop?

This sort of “digital air delivery” is simply when a cryptocurrency project gives away tokens to the community. Yes, just as you read it. It is a task that is usually carried out by much newer projects. Thus, they distribute their cryptocurrencies or tokens to a large number of wallet addresses.

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Why give away cryptocurrencies?

Now, you may be wondering why those in charge of a project would want to give away cryptocurrencies. It is a marketing strategy that allows a project to become known and gain popularity among the investment community. Everyone wants to receive free things, and by distributing very small amounts to thousands of addresses, some projects may benefit. Not only do the new proposals carry out airdrops, some consolidated cryptocurrencies, exchange platforms, or wallet services also carry out these activities. Sometimes they are also given as a reward to loyal customers who have held cryptocurrencies for long periods.

By gaining the attention of the community, the entity that makes this free distribution gains followers, growing its user base significantly Obviously, airdrops are carried out under certain limitations, such as the number of coins to be distributed, users to participate, deadlines or activities necessary to access. Some require some type of investment. For example, some ICO offers will offer “free” cryptocurrencies to all investors who buy more than ‘N’a tokens in the first week. Also, an airdrop allows decentralizing the ecosystem of a cryptocurrency, with a good amount of users around the world.

Ways to participate in an airdrop: how to get them?

We list the different methods to participate in the free distribution of tokens or cryptocurrencies.

First of all: find out when the next airdrops will take place

Before seeing how to participate or get your free cryptocurrencies, the first thing is to keep track of what the distributions are for the upcoming dates. To do so, you must follow as many websites related to news criptomonedas and airdrops itself. It is also important to be aware of social networks such as Twitter, where relevant information about the crypto sphere is published. Another medium where we can find first-hand information is in the official groups of a cryptocurrency. The platforms most commonly used for this purpose are Telegram, Reddit and Steemit. A lot of the airdrops come from the ERC20 token market, so you can take them as a reference for your search. Get more detail here https://thelibrasoftware.com

Get free cryptocurrencies by performing a specific task

It is one of the most common methodologies since promoters thus receive something in return. Don’t worry; you won’t have to do anything out of this world. In most cases, platforms request that you join a Telegram group or follow them through a social network such as Twitter or Facebook. They may also request your personal data to include you in their client portfolio. For example, if you deliver your email, you are likely to receive advertisements for that cryptocurrency. Analyzing it in a technical way, these users help to limit the supply of coins in the market, helping the stability of the price of the cryptocurrency.

They may also be delivered for investing in an ICO offering or performing other similar tasks. There are scams that try to steal the private keys of your wallets, so you must be very careful and check that it is a trustworthy and trustworthy distribution. Carry out your research before participating, even more so when you are asked for this type of data.

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Loyalty Reward

At other times, airdrops are simply rewards to loyal users who have kept their cryptocurrencies for a while. To receive them, you simply have to store your cryptocurrencies in a software wallet, where you have access to your private keys. In some cases, you don’t even need to have the same cryptocurrency.