The BEST HEROS for PvP & PvE

AFK Arena is all about the best heroes. Still, if you are going to play this game for the first time, then you should know everything about the game and its classes not only this the game characters also play an important role which can be defined by their tier list to indicate they are best to play or not. Here I will share a full detailed guide about it that you can know everything about the AFK Arena tier list of 2021.

Maintaining a balance between different types of characters is not that easy. Still, the game developers are trying their best to achieve this; it will help players to choose a compelling personality, and players can set their preferred heroes in AFK Arena.


AFK Arena Tier List of 2021

Well, if we talk about powerful characters, it’s always a different thing to be considered while getting started with the game. Still, there are some beast characters that you can prefer in this game.

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Try Heroes With Potential

Having a potential hero could be the best thing to consider as it is going to be a perfect match for the players and suitable characters as well. Here I am sharing a most known hero that doesn’t need any introduction Brutus; if you have already played and experienced this hero, then this can be a tremendous potential character for you.

However, there are many more characters to talk about like Ogi, Lyca, Kyre, etc.; you can try all the heroes at least once to check their power to achieve maximum potential.

Here is the central part that you were waiting for, I will be sharing the AFK Arena Tier List Of 2020.

Keep Reading!

In this tier guide, you will get to know about the hero’s strength and characters that you will love to play.

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AFK Arena Tier List S+

In this S+ tier, we are going to talk about the heroes who are broken in this game; you will get the best tier list.


As we mentioned above, it’s one the best character in this game, having the ability to give massive damage. Extra strength is to be invincible for a few seconds.


The hero comes with a super overpowered transforming colony of bats for a few seconds, its primary skill. Having the ability of immortal with this, he can become immortal for almost 7 seconds.


Saveas has a high strength to increase attack damage during the battle; in simple words, it’s one the most satisfying character with the savage. However, you need to reach up to 40 levels to know his capability.


The hero comes with an insane damage power to attack enemies; he sacrifices 8% of his hp to increase attack speed for a few seconds.


She is the best supporting character in this game, or you can call it a healer, but the best thing about this hero it’s not only the supportive one but also the attack with her troops on the opponents.

AFK Arena Tier List – S

Here is the second tier, this mainly useful for all characters, but this tier hero cannot win alone, but still, they are perfect with any situation.


Athalia is an associate degree agility-based ranger hero of the celestial faction. She delivers slashes and important strikes together with her blades, prevents enemies from restoration energy, stuns enemies, and mitigates harm to herself supported what percentage allies are left on the field of honor.


Tasi is AN intelligence-based support hero of the Wilders faction United Nations agency principally disables her opponents with numerous interrupting control effects. She will evade attacks also as steal harm rating to buff her damage. She can also heal her allies.


Lucius could be a strength-based tank hero of the Lightbearer faction. His skills are centered on stalking the enemies before him.


Belinda is AN intelligence-based mage hero of the Lightbearer faction with a high injury output. She will be able to additionally raise the attack rating of different heroes or herself.


Fawkes is an associate agility-based ranger shooter of the Lightbearers faction WHO is thought to utterly restrain one enemy into his coffin, rendering the at the bay enemy to be ready to contribute solely once the plotter releases them after an amount of your time.


Ferael has the ability to make a lot of damage attacks; the main strength is fairly strong stun for a few will not perform well with a lower level. A player needs to raise up to a higher level to get the true ability.


Finally, in this guide, we have talked about the AFK Arena Tier List May 2020, which can help you to identify the character’s heroes of your choices and the best thing you will get to know about their strengths and weakness. Team Geeks10 is always open to suggestions. Always feel free to contact us using the contact us page.

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