Hidden features in your Android Phone

Android is a mobile operating system developed by google,designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices.Variants of Android used game console,digital cameras,PCs,Android TV for televisions,Android Auto for cars and Wear OS for wrist watches. Here you can get 5 Hidden features in your Android Phone.                                                                                                            

Android Mobile

                                                     With every new Android versions ,there are flurry of fresh features.Some of them immediately transform the way we work,while others just quietly fade away.Android is loaded full of features-many of which aren’t completely obvious or are possibly even hidden behind secret menus.Take a moment to discover them and you might be surprised at just how helpful they can be.


1.Split Screen(Run apps side-by-side)   

This option to run apps side-by-side or one above

Split feature

the other, comes in handy when you want to display photos,videos together on one screen or to perform multitask.Although,it’s laggy for gaming.   

To set it up,tap the overview button and choose any recently used app. Then hold and drag that apps’s title bar to the left or top of the display.Finally,choose another open app to appear alongside or under it.     

2.View cleared(dismissed) notifications

notification bar

    Once you cleared out all the notifications,they are gone from the status bar but not forever. They can be recover -Android actually keeps the log of all notifications.                                                                                                             To get access to it,first long-press on an open area of your home screen,and then choose “widgets”.Find the settings widget,and then long press the icon and drag it to the home screen.A menu opens where you’ll just choose “Notification Log”,dismissed notifications will be appeared.                                                                           

 3.Speed up Animations 

                                                              Android devices display animations when they transition between apps,windows and various menus.Animations mostly looks slick, but they do take up time and sometimes can even phone to lag.

To increase the animation speed,follow the steps:

Firstly,Enable Developer Options.To do this,jump into settings menu,scroll down to “About Phone”, and then tap the build number 6-7 times.You’re a Developer!

Then,A new menu titled “Developer Options”shows up.Head in there,and scroll down to the “Drawing” section.Speed up the Window Animation Scale,Transition Animation Scale,and Animator Duration scale.I recommend switching them to .5x, which will effectively double the animation speed.

4.Use Android device manager for remote security

Whether it’s under the couch or in the hands of the bad guy,Android Device Manager will help you find or erase your missing phone.

lost phone

Android Device Manager lets you:

                                                                             >Locate Android devices associated with your google account                                                            >Reset your device’s screen lock pin                        >Erase all data on the phone

Phone location

                                   To access Android Device manager :

 ~Head to settings>Security                                       ~ You will find Developer Options                           ~Tick Android Device Manager to Activate it.


5.Hard Reset and Factory reset android Phone

Simple and easy methods to format Android phone:

a) Factory reset:All the settings will go by default and all the internal data will be deleted.To factory reset a phone dial *#*#7780#*#*.Another way is to jump into settings menu>Backup and reset>Factory data reset and Reset phone.


b)Hard reset:This will delete all the data including internal and external SD data as well as settings of android phone.Don’t try this code for testing purpose,until you are not sure.To hard rest dial*2767*3855#.Another method of hard resetting is done by rebooting,which may defect the mobile phone or reduces it’s life.