10 Thrillers That Keep You Tense Until the End

Among the huge number of films there are not just dynamic thrillers with a tense atmosphere, but truly exciting projects. The main thing is that this film should not just be interesting, but such that it is impossible to tear yourself away from it. And if you’re looking for something like that, then here are some films that are definitely worth watching.


10. The Collector 2009 MP: 6.6 IMDb: 6.4/ The Collector 2009

The Collector 2009 MP

This is a sharp horror film where screenwriter Marcus Dunstan made his feature debut with his torture movie. The film was originally supposed to be a prequel to “Saw,” but The Collector ended up being a project in its own right.

In the plot, a former burglar decides to rob his employer’s house. However, once inside, he realizes that the house is invaded and stuffed with traps, and the owners themselves are already tied up. Somebody got into the house before him, and now the hero has to help those, whom he was going to rob just recently.

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For fans of cinematic violence, the film has become the benchmark for impressive techniques and visual dismemberment. The movie is beautifully filmed, where fairly simple objects become the very real instruments of torture.

And, despite the abundance of violent and bloody scenes, the film is still a slasher and fully demonstrates all the possibilities of this genre.

09. Crawl 2019 KP: 6.0 IMDb: 6.2/ Crawl 2019

The movie is a survival horror from director Alexander Azha, creator of such projects as “Mirrors” “Piranha 3D” and other atmospheric films.

In the story, a strong hurricane hits a small town, and instead of fleeing from the city the heroine comes home. She finds her badly injured father in the basement and together they try to escape from the flood that brings more terror.

Despite the rather minimalistic setting, the action extends beyond the dark basement and can delight you with a variety of situations. This is no more than a one-time project, but it fulfills its primary function of tickling the nerves.

The film doesn’t go from thriller to action movie, but it proves to be a good action-horror capable of both entertaining and keeping you in suspense at the same time.

08. Hush 2014 KP: 6.2 IMDb: 6.6/ Hush 2014

The plot of this film centers on a deaf-mute writer living in the middle of nowhere in the woods in a lonely house. She is not isolated from the world, but prefers to live away from people while working on her next novel.

But coincidentally, it is to the main character’s house that an armed psychopath begins to break in, threatening him with a knife. Realizing that the audience’s attention is difficult to hold such a one-sided situation, the creators toss in a couple of funny moments in the form of false plot tricks.

The director creates high tension by playing up the endlessly psychological torture of the frightened girl in every scene. The movie is not devoid of logical holes and inconsistencies, and the plot is predictable and straightforward, but the film has good dynamics and is watchable in the same breath.

The last minutes are not particularly violent, but are a fairly ordinary ending to an average horror thriller.

07. Kidnap 2015 KP: 6.1 IMDb: 6.0/ Kidnap 2015

This is a gripping thriller about a child abduction starring Halle Berry. One day while going to the playground with her son, a woman loses sight of the boy. While trying to find the child in a panic, she sees someone putting her son in a car.

Without a second thought, she rushes in pursuit, hoping to catch up with the kidnappers. The film has a trite plot, but further development rapidly gains momentum and is maintained at a consistently high level.

The movie can be seen as a straightforward road thriller where the main emphasis is on the charisma of the heroine and dynamic car chase sequences.

We saw a similar plot in many similar movies, but there is nothing scarier than a woman trying to save her child. This film can be recommended to those who like entertaining movies with a solid plot without any extravagances.

06 Hotel Mumbai: Confrontation 2019 MP: 7.7 IMDb: 7.6/ Hotel Mumbai 2019

The film is based on real events and the 2009 documentary Survivor Mumbai. The movie will tell the story of a series of terrorist attacks that occurred at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel from November 26 to 29, 2008.

One fall evening militants broke into the hotel building and started shooting randomly at unaware guests. No one could have imagined that the guarded hotel would become the scene of hostilities.

The movie is incredibly immersive and holds on until the very ending. The documentary approach is also impressive, with artistic scenes mixed in with documentary footage actually shot on cell phones or correspondents’ cameras.

The director skillfully balances between thriller and drama to create a very powerful film. “Hotel Mumbai” turned out to be brutal and ruthless, just like the tragedy at its core.

05. Untraceable 2008 KP: 6.7 IMDb: 6.2

The story centers on an FBI special agent investigating Internet crime. One day she stumbles upon a website called “Kill With Me.com” where brutal murders are broadcast. The fate of each victim depends directly on the number of visitors to the site: and the more “viewers”, the faster the victim dies.

A socially-oriented version of the once acclaimed “Saw” and its many sequels unfolds before us. The movie is a little less inventive, but takes a much bigger aim.

The movie deals with the problem of internet crime and the banning of sites promoting cruelty. The plot is original and very simple, and the events grab you from the first to the last minute and plunge you into a heavy atmosphere of despair.

And despite a rather large number of standard tricks and clichés, the film is still a successful example of a sharp psychological thriller.

04. Oxygen 2021 KP: 6.5 IMDb: 6.5/ Oxygène 2021

This is a chamber thriller where the main character wakes up in a cryogenic chamber and cannot get out of it. Only artificial intelligence can help her, but it does not always respond correctly to the commands, in addition, the girl absolutely does not remember who she is and how she got here. Meanwhile, the oxygen level in the cell is slowly dropping: if you do not get out, soon the woman will die.

Director Alexander Azha, in fact, filmed a sci-fi version of “Buried for Life,” where instead of a coffin – a cozy cryochamber, and the situation is complicated by the discommunication of man and technology. It’s not at all a perfect movie with a rather anti-cathartic plot twist, but any missteps you want to forgive for the sake of Melanie Laurent’s acting performance.

She’s terrific at playing a completely lost heroine who is nervously trying to get out, while – unlike many heroes of such pictures – having no idea what situation she’s basically found herself in.

03. Don’t Breathe 2015 KP 6.5 IMDb: 7.1

The film is a psychological thriller about one botched robbery. It is a gripping story of three teenagers breaking into the home of a lonely blind old man to rob him. It would seem that what could be easier, but they are cruelly mistaken.

For all the winning concept where “the victim becomes the hunter,” it does not always bring the desired result. This work, however, was an exception, beginning as a burglary and ending as a claustrophobic thriller about a maniac with kidnapping and sexual violence.

Such a mixture does not turn into a ridiculous mishmash, but instead looks appropriate and justified, in no way depriving the picture of its identity.

As a result, we have an excellent genre action-thriller with a well thought-out script and brilliant acting work by Stephen Lang.

02. On the Ledge 2012 KP: 7.1 IMDb: 6.6 Man on a Ledge 2012

This is a suspenseful thriller with action elements, promising the viewer a mystery right in the beginning of the plot. A former policeman is accused of stealing a large diamond that he did not commit.

While on the ledge of a building, he threatens to commit suicide if his innocence is not proven. But while the hero is distracting the cops, his crew is pulling off another robbery in the building next door.

And when the two storylines finally come together, the action begins, but, in parallel, the detective line of the film unfolds faster and faster. The action decisively gathers momentum and closer to the finale there is some dynamics.

The movie immerses in the events of the original storyline, plus there is good humor, and in general it is not an empty movie and there is something to think about.

01. Call from the Past 2020 MP: 7,0 IMDb: 7,2/ Kol 2020

At the center of the plot of this film is the story of two young girls connected by a phone call. The only nuance is that one of them is in 1999 and the other is in 2019. They both live in the same house, but in two different time periods.

At first, the story is presented in a measured way, but only until the kindness of the main character helps a real monster to be born. At this point, the story gains momentum and holds the viewer’s attention.

The film is made up of various elements taken from different genres, with touches of science fiction, horror, and elements of a mystical thriller. The convoluted attempt to mix the genres allows the events to twist, but at the same time maintains the intrigue.

As a result, we are faced with a dynamic thriller with time loops, interesting plotting, and a sense of hopelessness.